12 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Gown Appointment

12 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Gown Appointment

12 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Gown Appointment. Mobile Image

Jan 04, 2024

Planning your dream wedding involves SO many decisions, and one of the most exciting parts is finding the perfect bridal gown! At Joy Abendmode, we understand the importance of this moment and want to make sure you have an unforgettable experience. To help you make the most out of your bridal gown appointment, here are 12 essential tips from our team! 


1. Start Early

Begin your search early to allow ample time for fittings and alterations. Starting early ensures you find the gown that complements your style and fits perfectly for your big day.


2. Do Your Research

Come prepared with inspiration! Before your appointment, gather screenshots of silhouettes, fabrics, necklines, and other features that appeal to you. This helps your stylist understand your vision and guide you to the perfect dress! 



3. Trust Your Stylist

Our experienced stylists are here to make your dream dress a reality. Trust their expertise and let them guide you through the best options to achieve the look you desire. They know the secrets and tricks to bring out the best in your gown!


4. Know Your Budget

Know your budget and communicate it clearly. This goes hand in hand with the tip above! If the stylist knows your budget, they can help work within your budget to get you the best options available. Trust that your stylist is working to get you the best gown for your budget. If you are flexible, that’s fantastic, but if there’s a definite budget ceiling, let your stylist know so she may help you find your dream dress that works within your budget. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a gown you can’t purchase! 


5. Be CAUTIOUS About Your Entourage

When it comes to choosing your support team for one of the biggest stressors, make sure to select wisely and limit the participants to those whose opinions matter most to you. The key is to avoid bringing everyone and their neighbor, grandmother, uncle, or cousin's little sister. Keep the group small and focused on making your dress selection a joyous occasion, as too many opinions can lead to confusion. Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth, and we've rarely had a bride regret keeping the group nice and small. On the contrary, bringing too many people can drastically change the experience, so prioritize those you absolutely need to make the decision. It's your time, so ensure you get the most out of it!



6. Limit the Number of Salons You Visit

While it may be tempting to visit numerous salons, it's often counterproductive. Trying on too many dresses can be overwhelming, so heed the advice of brides who've been there before - quality over quantity!


7. Choose the Right Salon

Select a salon that aligns with your style. Check out their website and Instagram to ensure they offer a curated collection fitting your preferences. A highly trained staff is crucial to guide you through the process seamlessly.



8. Check Salon Policies

Before your appointment, familiarize yourself with the salon's policies regarding pictures, guests, age limits, food, and appointment fees. Understanding these details beforehand will make your visit smoother. (PS: you can check out our FAQs right here!)


9. Respect Appointment Slots

Salons often schedule appointments back-to-back. Be respectful of the time allotted for your appointment, allowing each bride to have a positive and focused experience.



10. trust your gut!

 You know what makes you happy. You are a woman who has chosen a whole fiancé to marry. Choosing your dress is the easy part. This is the fun part! There are a thousand pretty dresses, but THE dress for you is the dress that makes you feel beautiful, happy, and ready to confidently walk down the aisle to your love!



11. Enjoy the Experience!

Embrace the joy of finding your dream gown! This is a memorable part of your wedding preparations, so savor the moment and have fun throughout the process.


12. Book Your Appointment with Joy Abendmode!

Last but not least, our top tip? Book an appointment with Joy Abendmode, where our dedicated team is committed to making your bridal gown experience as special as the dress you choose. Don't wait - schedule your appointment today and let the journey to your perfect gown begin!